Janelle Gonyea is a multi-faceted stylist & designer
committed to creativity, originality,
fresh ideas & forward-thinking concepts.

photo by tru studio

photo by tru studio


Hi there!

I am a stylist and designer specializing in creating unique concepts for petite events, photo shoots, interiors and products. Over the years, I have developed a trained eye for curating collections, anticipating design trends, and creating branded vignettes. By working together to create an overall concept with my clients, I am able to design and style their project to establish a vision for telling their story and engaging their audience.

After getting a degree in Illustration from the College for Creative Studies, my curiosity and love for creating concepts only grew. I believe in the power of making and visual storytelling to create a sense of wonderment and awe, to draw people into the heart of a story. It is my passion to start with a basic sense of who you are, and build on that to create insight into your why.



I believe in imagination and I like to inspire others to keep dreaming,
stretch beyond your boundaries and get comfortable in growth.
Here's how we can work together:


+ Product Styling

I want to tell your brand story. Maybe you need new product imagery for your online shop or to showcase your wares at an upcoming gift show. Through research, vision boards, and product styling visuals, I can find the right style to represent your brand and speak to your audience.

+ Brand Styling

Maybe you have a ton of stray ideas rattling around in your head, or you're having a hard time pinpointing your brands direction. With brand styling options, I can help bring together a cohesive direction for your overall aesthetic, using color palettes, vision boards and key visual elements.

+ Creative Direction

Full service creative direction is available for those who would like a more immersive creative experience. This service combines all of the a la carte Brand Styling options.

+ Photo Styling

At times you may want to capture a feeling, theme, color, word, or idea. You may want a photo to represent how you want your clients to feel or the color palette of your latest line. I thrive on pulling together imagery based on ambiguous concepts. If you have an inkling of an idea, let me help you get it out into the open air.


+ Sourcing

Hunting down props can be time consuming and oftentimes, it is about knowing where to look. With years of experience tracking down inventory and custom pieces, I can help you find that perfect, magical thing.


Need help getting your creative ideas together
into a cohesive package that can be presented to the world?