Hand Lettering

While I love playing with chalk, I'm much more comfortable doing lettering with mediums I have more control over. Hand-lettering and handwriting are art forms. It takes much practice, practice that I still need quite a bit of, but all things come in time. It saddens me that many schools are no longer teaching the fine art of handwriting. I sigh when reading old letters from family, admiring the beautiful shapes from days past. I never want to stop handwriting notes and letters. I hope I never lost touch with the delicacy and personalization. It's a battle I will continue to fight...by practicing and keeping it alive. 

I'm not going to tell you WHAT I'm working on, except to say that one of the projects is personal and the rest are business. re:find Joy is growing into something beautiful, building an identity for itself that will flourish in years to come. You'll see the end result soon enough, but for now...here are a few tidbits.

great soaps, even better as containers for drawing tools:

my new tools:

reminder of playful doodling from years past: