Speak to Me

There is something about the way I feel when making something or rehabbing something with my own hands that gives me a thrill, a connection to the world, a creative high that I can ride for days. Creating is something that I plan to introduce more and more into re:find Joy's collections. I really believe in the value of handmade pieces, those things that are one of a kind, made by another human being that you can meet and see in person...who can have a conversation with you and who really cares about what it is you're trying to do. 

That's just it, really. I care so much about the beauty of objects and how each piece can make or break a scene. I love looking at catalog photographs and seeing all of the seemingly insignifant background pieces that bring each product to life...the rich textures of fabrics, papers, backdrops and items that were brought in to breathe life into each photo. 

While we humans have life, I feel that objects have a life and energy too. They've been places, transferred hands, travelled across continents, been broken and pieced back together by loving hands. And those objects that have been crafted by an artisan somewhere who has passion for what they do? Those really speak to you...at least they speak to me.

Growing up my mom used to only purchase things that she felt "spoke to her." And I guess that's what I hope my props do for people. I hope that each piece has a voice, calling out to those who may connect with it. Every little item was sought out, having sat on a shelf or tucked in a corner in a market somewhere waiting for the perfect home, for someone to appreciate its beauty and blemishes. 

What speaks to you?