our fish and bird wedding

They bought a round for the sailor

And they heard his tale

Of a world that was so far away

And a song that we'd never heard

A song of a little bird

That fell in love with a whale

He said, 'You cannot live in the ocean'

And she said to him

'You never can live in the sky'

But the ocean is filled with tears

And the sea turns into a mirror

There's a whale in the moon when it's clear

And a bird on the tide

Tom Waits - Fish & Bird

Three years ago today, I agreed to marry the man who is now my husband. After our wedding was featured on the Wedding Chicks I realized that I never personally posted about our day. It brought me so much joy to see the many talented people who worked so hard for us get the recognition they all so deserved. While we put a lot of our own blood, sweat and tears into our day, we could not have done it alone. 

You can see our thoughts on our day and the amazing write up over on their blog, but I wanted to take a little time to share a few more details. There were many images that were my personal favorites, and a few things that happened along the way that made our day even more special. The main thing I want to say, is that you never know what can happen...what will come along, and it is so very important to enjoy all the time you have with your loved ones on this most beautiful day of your life.

My parents were generous enough to volunteer their yard for our wedding, and their adjoining neighbors quickly followed suit. My dad grew up in that house, and we had many celebrations there over the years. We loved the idea of adding one more special memory to a space we cherished so much. 

Our little ella never left my side that day. She kept coming over and sitting on the edge of my dress. I think she knew it was a big day for her momma.

And MY momma? Isn't she the most beautiful lady? She did everything for us to make our day special, and gave up a lot of time and energy to help make it perfect. And it was.

I think I looked like this every other minute. I was absolutely freaking out over how talented our friends are, and how amazingly special our day was going to be. It felt like a dream.

My dad is the cutest.

Chris' parents are really the best people. I got lucky there!

This was such a special moment for the three of them, for all of us. 

You may kiss the bride! (the amazing Julia Franzosa who took this gorgeous photo told me to make this one count, and WE DID!)

I mean seriously. She's crazy talented. If you're having an outdoor wedding, she's your girl.

Our hearts were in our throats when we saw the ethereal backdrops Sayuri, of Sayuri's World, created for us for our dessert display and photo booth backdrops. I'm pretty sure I cried. She is such a magical human being, someone who I'm grateful to have had at my wedding, and now as a friend. 

The tabletop rentals above are from my very own collection, re:find Joy. It was SO hard to pick what we were going to use from my inventory! All of the glassware, bird cages, and brass floral containers were also carefully collected over the years for the inventory.

Believe it or not, we constructed all of these boxes...hand dyed them and markered in the waves. Our families were nice enough to help us with the second half of that, and with the planting of these awesome succulents.

I designed all of the paper details for our wedding, including this design that ReUse First in Chicago then screenprinted onto totes for us. Each of the various details were printed onto our invitations, programs, and menu cards.

These tables arrived the day before our wedding, on about two hours notice. We were so stricken and saddened to learn that one of our vendors had passed away two days prior to our wedding. It was a shock, and you cannot know the pain we felt for her family.  In the end, we were on the hunt for new tables the day before we were set to walk down the aisle. My family joked that they were quite willing to eat on blankets on the ground, and I loved them for that. But seriously, the wedding industry throughout the country came to my aid, and I still get choked up thinking about the emails and phone calls I got from people all over trying to help me find tables. I need to thank the amazing people at Special Events Rental, without whom we may very well have been without tables.

The amazing flowers were of course done by my Fleur family. I cried when I saw those too. They seriously KILLED IT and I still can't stop looking at photos of them. My bouquet is now dried in a vase in our living room and STILL looks amazing.

The runners were all hand made by my amazingly lovely and talented mom.

My dad and I couldn't look at each other all day...we would just start bawling. It was ridiculous.

Dad, this was the best dance of my life. I love you, and just looking at THIS photo makes me cry. We danced to Jackson Browne's Stay, and my dad kept making jokes about how he forgot how LONG it was. But he made the best of it, and pulled his signature "I'm your dad and I have to pick you up" move. We had the most fun.

This picture means so much to me. It's the last amazing picture I have of my grandfather, because he passed away three months after our wedding. Looking back, I'm so glad that I asked him to say Grace at our wedding, that he and my grandmother were able to dance together, and that she now has these incredibly beautiful photos to hold dear to her heart.

Julia, these photos mean more than you could ever know. You captured our day perfectly, and I could not have asked for more.

Friends, we had a lot of hurdles and things definitely didn't go "perfectly." But you know what? We had a magical day that was like being in a dream world. I wouldn't have changed a thing. Our friends and families came together and we had the time of our lives. And that is what marriage is all about!