After looking at all of the major milestones that happened this year, I would like to take the coming year to set a few goals closer to home. Looking back on this year, Chris and I both spent so much time moving so fast and working too much. I would love to take more time in 2015 to truly revel in life.

I don't really believe in setting typical "resolutions" per say, because I find that many people set their bars incredibly high and end up with goals that are unattainable. Instead, I like to give myself achievable goals and a word to guide me for the coming year. 

With that in mind, here are my personal and business goals for 2015:

+ Celebrate milestones
+ Soak up time with family
+ Release new re:find Joy offerings
+ Spend quality time with friends
+ Focus on doing what works for me in business
+ Attend workshops to advance my knowledge
+ Finally unveil a super secret project that's been in the works for too long!
+ Participate in communities
+ Focus on getting projects that make my heart sing
+ Explore new prop collections

My word for 2015 is Commit. It may sound strange, but I have spent a lot of time bouncing from creative project to project and from place to place and this is the year I really want to settle in. 

Do you have any goals for the coming year? Do you choose a guiding word at the beginning of each year? I would love to hear about them!