2015 Guiding Word: COMMIT

As each New Year approaches, I like to think about my goals for the year, and choose a guiding word that will keep me on track to achieving them. You might have seen in my previous post that my Guiding Word for 2015 is COMMIT. As a jill-of-all-trades, I have had hesitations with committing to any one creative thing. Having so many creative passions, it can be difficult to CHOOSE. I have found a new term for this, and it is called Multi-potentiality. In 2015, it is my goal to commit to making this previously negative trait into a positive one. 

How do you decide between 2, 3, even 4 passions? Sometimes the simple answer is: you don't. Find a way to blend these passions into a career you will love and thrive in. Make your own path. This may be the path less traveled, but it can be so rewarding. In 2015, I am committing to continue exploring what works for me and forging my own path. 

I am committing to:
taking action
trying. failing. trying again.
pushing fear of the unknown aside
embracing badassery
tackling this year #likeaBOSS cc: @ForthChicago
collaborating more
pushing limits + boundaries
exploring new areas

re:find Joy is not just a prop rental studio, and I love that. I have enjoyed exploring what I can do with my business and I look forward to where it will take me. re:find Joy will always be changing. Change seems to be the only constant in this world. We try something, stumble, adjust, and trying something else. I look forward to sharing more this year and giving more insights into re:find Joy!

Do you need help committing or taking action in your creative business(es)? 
Do you find yourself enjoying multiple jobs? 
Enough to turn them into a career? 

Check out the following blogs and coaches: PuttylikeWhenIGrowUp, and Hey Shenee. (Hey Shenee is running a collective this year called the Secret Society of Done: check it out here! )

I would love to hear about your successes and failures on your journey!