COLOR DREAMS: inspired by textile weaving

I wanted to find a way to share colors that inspire me, while also focusing on things I love like nature, home decor, handmade items, arts, illustration, and design. COLOR DREAMS was born! What better way to create new color palettes and showcase amazing art and science from around the world? This first palette is inspired by a textile weaving. I love that each of the colors is pretty muted, but when you put them all together it creates this gorgeous gradient effect that is absolutely stunning.

This particular palette was inspired by a weaving created by Maryanne Moodie, an Australian weaver who has since relocated to NYC. Maryanne has a rich artistic background and creates weavings inspired by contemporary art, couture, architecture and her nostalgia of days gone by. If you're as intrigued as I was even by the little snippet shown above, you can find her website here: