Inspiration for the NotWedding

A week ago I had the pleasure of being the prop rental vendor for the very first NotWedding event in Chicago. While I had no idea what to expect, I was really excited to showcase new props and do some styling and DIY projects. All of the vendors participating received a mood board, color scheme and theme for the event, and this time around it was Suit & Tie. 

It's always exciting to get a theme that you wouldn't normally choose for yourself. In the end, I created a new mood board to incorporate my ideas and twist on the concept: 

1 | re:find Joy pottery. 2 | re:find Joy brass. 3 | indigo. 
4 | suits. 5 | fabric. 6 | crystals.
7 | florals. 8 | florals. 9 | fabric risers.

To me, Suit and Tie was a little bit Mad Men and a little bit Gatsby. Masculine, but glamorous. Velvety, textured, and refined...with a little dazzle. Maybe the room would be a shade too dark, so any lingering light would catch on the brass goblets, crystal glassware, and cascading gemstones. 

For the NotWedding event, I used these ideas to style the entry and bar areas, and worked with the Bread and the Butterfly and Naturally Yours Events on their tablescapes. Above is my inspiration, and I'll share more details once the event photos are released. Keep an eye out for the professional photos, which will go up on RuffledBlog!