Today I'd love to chat a bit about show displays, specifically about the wedding industry. I love to design booths for vendors, and I thought with so many shows coming up, it would be great to share some tips about displays. I've found that the best thing to do at any kind of show is to focus on what YOU do. Try not to clutter up your booth with other elements especially if it might confuse a potential client about what services you actually offer. Here are a few tips for specific vendors!

INVITATION DESIGNER | Displaying paper products can be TOUGH. Designers have such large portfolios that it can also be hard to cut down and choose only a few pieces. I think this display does a great job of making an impact while also showing off the product. Potential clients can easily pull down a card if they want to take a closer look, yet it is easy to see from a distance as well. 

FLORIST | Many florists tend to share booths at shows, but wouldn't this be so cool for a display? I imagine an assistant making little boutonnieres or corsages throughout the day for interested clients. Wouldn't you love to get a tiny bundle of flowers if you were attending a bridal show? This brings up another great tip: always bring a buddy! You won't regret it!

DRESS MAKER | Whether you make dresses for brides or for flower girls, most ladies LOVE to see the dresses in person and feeeeel them. It's important for clients to see your artistry in person and notice the detail work in your sewing. Dress forms are one great way to display pieces, and I love this rack idea as well. You can customize the wall behind it based on your area of expertise, and clients can pick up the garments and hold them up to themselves as well. I think it would create a great conversation piece for any show!

JEWELRY | This is right up there with the invitation designers. It can be very tricky to display jewelry properly, and in a safe way that you can keep an eye on it! This display does a great job of being organized and easy for viewing, while also creating a beautiful backdrop appropriate for the jewelry on display.

EVENT PLANNER | LOVE this idea for an event planner. It offers an overall styling concept, information on what could be offered, and an intimate table for two for holding small discussions when necessary. This particular option could be reworked in so many ways! Also, if a chalkboard wall is used, it can be REUSED for future shows. Genius.

COLLABORATIONS | There are so many creative ways to partner on bridal show booths, and it's a great way to maximize your investment. On the left is a beautiful backdrop that could work for a florist and Photo Booth partnership. On the right is an option if a florist wanted to partner with a photographer. Of course, picture those frames filled with gorgeous photos! 

Are there any display ideas that you've had success or failure with? I'd love to hear what you've learned throughout the display process!