Incorporating Hand Lettering into Your Event

To continue with the idea of display design, I'd like to move on to chatting about some of my favorite display uses in events. One of the latest trends in event display is the use of hand lettering. I love to use hand lettering in displays, and also offer this as a service because it provides a beautifully hand-crafted touch to events that many people appreciate.

Here are my five favorite ways to incorporate hand lettering into events:

ONE | envelope addresses or elements of the invitation suite: 

Whether you're addressing your own envelopes or hiring someone to letter them, I think there is something more heartwarming and touching about receiving a hand-addressed piece of mail. Just knowing that someone out there took the time to write out each name and address, as opposed to feeding it out of a computer, really grounds me in the moment of an event's future happening.

TWO | thank you or message for each place setting:

Imagine going to a wedding and instead of receiving a trinket favor that you will someday toss, finding a beautifully written thank you, poem, or message in its place. I think this is such a lovely way of welcoming your guests and giving them something personal to take home as a momento.

THREE | seating chart

The seating chart is a great place to conserve paper and use a hand-lettered sign instead. I've been seeing this requested more and more, and I just think it's so smart. I like the idea of assigning guests a table, but not a specific seat. That way there is some guidance, but guests ultimately decide where they are most comfortable. Hand-lettered seating charts make beautiful display pieces that can bring together the theme of the event!

FOUR | menus and cocktail signs

More and more these days I've been seeing clients moving from a buffet style menu to a plated meal. The signature cocktail is also becoming quite popular. In these cases, it is so nice to see both of these written in a creative way on a large display for everyone to read from across the room. You can tie in your event's theme, while also informing guests what their food and drink options are. 

FIVE | welcome sign

Welcome signs are a nice way to show guests where to enter, while also making them feel included from the very start of the event. There are so many ways to style them, whether you have a wood sign or chalkboard sign, flower or plant garlands, and I especially love making custom signs for clients.