Backdrop Ideas

Backdrops are most commonly used for ceremonies, dessert displays and photo booth backdrops, but there are a few more places you could consider implementing them! I think it's most effective when the backdrop is built to be moved easily, so that it can be used for the ceremony and then moved to a reception area. If you're planning on using a backdrop, consider using it for your head table or sweetheart table, DJ booth, bar or cocktail area, or even as a nice backdrop for a guest lounge. 

I personally love backdrops that have a handmade element, or bring in something personal about the couple. Maybe it's a quote, a home decor style, or even a particular shape or material. Another idea is to have a backdrop that uses elements that can be reused later in your home- then you have a beautifully crafted piece to remember your day.

Here are some of my favorite backdrop ideas for events!