Do It YOUR Way

If you've been following along with me for any amount of time, then you already know that I lean away from societal norms, pop culture, and the like. Yet there is someone I have been incredibly fascinated with lately that made me pay attention for once. That person is Sia.  Like the vast majority of people I've talked to, I thought her masked elaborate performances were a creative solution to intense stage fright. And I admit, I was so excited about this possibility. But then I read this interview, in which she basically says she does it because she feels like it. And I thought, isn't this an even better reason?

Sia is highly against fame and generally avoids public appearances of any kind. Yet she's incredibly well-known and is the mastermind behind so many current musical greats. So why do I admire her so much? It's because she does things her own way. She is quirky and strange and not at all a model of what society considers normal, and yet she stands out and perseveres. What's even better, is that in doing what works for her, she is supporting other members of the Arts community including dancers, stylists, and set designers and bringing more awareness to the artistic aspect of her work. I absolutely adore this about her.

There are difficult and often uncomfortable barriers to overcome with any career, but the one thing I would love to remind myself and others, is that you can do what you want to do in your own way. No matter what personality traits you have or don't have, I guess I just hope that everyone enjoys who they are in what they do. We each have our own unique experiences, knowledge, and journeys and I want to focus on using those as strengths instead of focusing on how we can change intrinsic aspects about ourselves. The beauty of the world today, is that we don't have to fit some pre-determined mold of what our career looks like.  Every day more and more people are choosing to create a path that works for their unique circumstances. 

I will leave you with this video of Sia's Grammy Performance and a question: Are you doing what works for you?