Indie Wed 2015 Recap

Indie Wed happened over the weekend, and it is my favorite bridal show to attend in Chicago. Vendors are always so creative, and it's so fun to see what people dream up for their booths each season. This Indie Wed was no different! I loved walking around and seeing so many fresh faces, along with old vendor friends. I'm excited to see what this season brings and can't wait to work with so many talented people. I chose to sit this one out in favor of going as a spectator, but I did get the opportunity to work with a few vendors on their booths! 

This year, I designed the booth for Alaina Bos Photography. There were many handmade components that went into her booth, and it was really cool to see it all come together. Each of her photos was placed inside a thrifted vintage frame that was then sprayed a nice champagne silver and brushed with a copper finish. To hang her photos, I used a copper piping display with photos hung on ribbon that matched the color of her backdrop. The backdrop was made out of curtains that were then hand-painted with dye to create a sea-like look that also matched the branding on her website. The finishing touch was her logo! After all the hardware stores gave me a resounding No, I cut the circle out of wood myself, and hand-painted the logo onto it. The look was polished off with airy, beach-like furniture. The amazing bistro chairs were rented from Aged Rentals

I love the process of putting booths together, and it was interesting creating it from another brand's perspective. I had a lot of fun, and I think it came together really nicely! I'm really glad Alaina put her trust in me, and it was wonderful working together!

I was also asked by Jayne Weddings to lend a hand with her crazy-colorful amazing Moroccan lounge on the third floor. I absolutely love working with Katie Jayne. She always has the most creative ideas and she is the best to work with! She was working with Caitlin from Foxglove Studios on the floral for the lounge, and together her and I chose some colorful and funky vessels for her beautiful blooms. Did you get a chance to see it in person? There are lots of recap photos floating around if you didn't, but it was seriously my favorite part of the show this year.

Katie had also rented some gorgeous mirrors from Bowery & Bash, and I had the honor of hand-lettering them with Jayne Weddings information to go with the look of her brand. I'm definitely not used to hand-lettering on mirrors because it is a little trickier than lettering on other surfaces, but I'm really happy with how they came out! 

Indie Wed is a great event and I'm excited each time it comes around. The winter event is always a spot of sunshine in an otherwise chilly season. I'm looking forward to attending other events coming up!