Dreaming of the Perfect Workspace

When I'm not in meetings or running around the city for supplies, I typically work from home. Last winter we bought a home in the city, and at that point, I opted to move my props into our home for easier accessibility. I absolutely love working from home, but sometimes I start to daydream about what the perfect workspace might look like. The perfect workspace looks different for every business, but here are a few spaces that I would just love to have someday.

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If you follow In Honor of Design or Design Sponge, then you've probably seen photos of Honeycomb Studio. I think if I wasn't going to lease a space elsewhere, this would be it. I keep trying to convince my husband to turn our garage into a studio, but I haven't won that battle just yet! I love the idea of being able to eat breakfast, and walk my tea out to my yard to work. With enough sunlight and proper heating and electricity, I think this would be the dream.

This is the next big project on my "house" list. I would repave the floor, throw down some beautiful rugs, line the walls with wood slats painted white and nice shelving, and create french doors with a little porch on the house side. I'm thinking it would be nice to have a partially glassed roof to get enough sunlight too! I'm pretty sure I would never want to leave. This would be an incredible undertaking!

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This one wouldn't work out so well with the props, but hey, we're daydreaming here right? I still love working from home, but having an entire space on another floor that I could escape to sounds just lovely. This is also where my lack of height becomes a distinct advantage!  I find myself really drawn to wood or brick spaces that have been painted all white. There is something cathartic about an all white space that just makes me want to CREATE. My current little office room was recently painted all white, and it has made all the difference!

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The first two are definitely the most economical of choices, but while I like working from home, it definitely gets lonely. I love being around other creatives and having a sounding board and critique person nearby, which is why I think a shared space could be really momentous. I also think that by working with others you often push each other and end up elevating your own work. 

What does your workspace look like? Do you dream of something bigger or smaller? At home or away from home? What would your dream workspace look like?