top 5 | Planting Tools

Earlier this week, we chatted about a few of my favorite houseplants, so I thought it would only be natural to follow that up with some of my favorite planting tools. Most the time, your good ol' bare hands will be just fine, but sometimes you might need a little extra help. If you're anything like me, you probably like your plants to match your decor, so here are a few stylish tools!


If you're like me and you have plants tucked all over your home or on multiple floors, you won't want to be carrying them back and forth to the sink or shower twice a week. If your pots have good drainage holes and a drip pan, then simply carrying around a watering can might be more efficient. They're especially helpful to water hard-to-reach hanging plants! I love this watering can by Paul Loebach- it's so gorgeous I would leave it sitting out as part of the decor.


If you have a terrarium or low-light plant that needs humidity, a mister is an invaluable tool to have. Many of these plants need regular misting, especially in dry apartments, and misters help give them that moisture they need. This little mister from Shop Terrain would do the trick!


There's not a single plant in my house that has stayed in its original container. I love hunting down cute pots almost as much as I love buying the plants themselves! I usually peruse local shops, etsy, or flea markets for unique planters. I love these soft buckets made by Skinny Laminx for cache pots!


If you have a terrarium or like cacti a lot, a pair of chopsticks might come in handy! I tend to use chopsticks if I have to lift a spiky arm out of the way or readjust rocks and gravel after watering a terrarium. It's so much easier to get to those tricky places that your fingers can't get to. If you want something funkier than the standard pair from a restaurant, this is a really pretty pair I found on Etsy. 


There are so many random objects and furniture that can serve as a plant stand. Personally, I'm a fan of using vintage chairs and small iron patio tables found at local flea markets. You can also find them online at places like Etsy, Krrb, or Furnishly or at local thrift shops or vintage stores. I absolutely love the round tables and record cabinets made by Zak Rose, a local furniture maker. Wouldn't those record cabinets make an awesome dual use as a planter?!

What are your most-used plant tools? Do you have a favorite place to find pots or plant stands?