Brand Styling


What is brand styling? Brand styling is the way your brand is presented. It starts with your logo mark, business name and overall "look." From there it moves to your website and marketing collateral. I don't believe it ends there. 

Brand styling includes the profile photos you use social media, the style of the photos posted on Instagram, and the language used on Linked In, Facebook and other sites. It includes what you wear, what you believe, what projects you work on, and who you work with.

Here are a few brands (many of which you will recognize) that utilize effective brand styling:

Hey Shenee: Find Your Perfect Brand Chemistry

Bright Bazaar: Quintessentially Colourful

Design Sponge: Your Home for all things Design

Darling Magazine: the art of being a woman

Kinfolk: Slow Living


So what do these brands do that is so effective?


Each of these brands has an unwavering style. From the colors they use to the clothes they wear, these brands have iconic style that is recognizable as their own. 


The message these brands communicate is not only that, but a way of life. Bright Bazaar celebrates being "Quintessentially Colourful," while Kinfolk encourages a life of "Slow Living." They are very different, yet they have their own distinct beliefs that others can relate to.


Regardless of how these brands choose to communicate, they are consistent in every instance.  Whether they're posting a photo on Instagram or sending 140 characters on Twitter, they are all  consistent in the language, photography, color, typography and message that is being communicated. Hey Shenee is an amazing example that consistency is key: she uses the same fonts, colors, textures and overall style in all of her materials, including the Labs she offers for other brands to take. Each of these Labs is also outfitted with its own brand package, complete with a unique logo mark.


All of these brands have created a culture and their followers rally around them. Whats more, each of them have created ways for their community to grow and share together, no matter their location. These companies even use their own branded hashtags (#brandchemistry #makeyousmilestyle, #dscolor, #thatsdarling, and #kinfolk). Kinfolk and Design Sponge especially have found "their people" and their communities have almost become their brand ambassadors, sharing and celebrating their experiences via social media.


There's one thing that all of these brands do to share, and that is leverage social media. There is no radio silence where these companies are concerned. They share, and they share often. Whether they're reposting posts written on their blogs, sharing stories from their following, or linking to an interesting article appropriate to their message, all of these companies excel at sharing. 

What other brands have amazing brand styling? What else can brands do to communicate their message and establish community?