COLOR DREAMS | inspired by watercolor cactus

I am naturally drawn to watercolor paintings - I love how organic they feel, how the colors blend together and you can create different textures and patterns using different techniques. I've come to appreciate all of the ways the simple addition of water can lighten a color, or how salt can give it a crystallized look. No two paintings are ever quite the same, and I love the uniqueness that creates. The accidents that can occur give watercolor paintings that little bit of extra magic!

Over the weekend we finally put artwork up on the walls of our home, including this print and three others by unitedthread we found on Etsy. We chose two of our favorite subjects: birds and plants, but all of Michelle Morin's paintings are absolutely breathtaking. I love how she uses little hatch marks and varied line weight to create texture and interest. I could probably stare at her paintings all day!