Courage to Grow

What if we didn't have any fear? What if we took a chance on the opportunities that came our way, gave a resounding yes!, even if our insides were quivering with a hesitant no? What if we had the courage to live up to our own potential?

Can you imagine?

Part of growth is doing things we're not comfortable with yet. It is how we learn, acquire new skills, and figure things out. Mistakes, often more than successes, are what keep us fresh and moving forward. Sometimes you have to play big, surround yourself with people who are more established than you are, and take risks. That "fake it til you make it" concept is not without some truth!

Is there something you'd love to say yes to but don't quite have the courage yet? What would happen if you just said yes anyway? What's the worst that could really happen? Anything that you couldn't recover or learn from? I'm betting that with many potential scenarios, that last answer would be a no. 

Right now I'm working on three projects that absolutely terrify me. But I've decided to move forward with them anyway. I am ready to start my next period of growth, and this is the only way. There is so much I want to accomplish in this life! If at the end of my time, I look back and think "I am proud of the legacy I created," then I will rest peacefully. 

Will you join me?


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