Bird Calls

Spring fever is here, and having spent much of my time working from home lately, it has me wanting to carefully style every corner of every room. Browsing through our possessions, I can't help but be flooded with feelings. I'm a collector, you see. My husband doesn't call me Bird for is a fitting nickname with many layers of appropriateness. 

Objects hold so much more than memories for me. They are reminders, yes, but they also serve as inspiration, lightbulbs on an otherwise vacant day. I find so much power in objects that speak to me on a daily basis. There is a styling series I'll be posting soon that arose out of merely picking up a fork. And that series birthed another when a favorite but unusual palette emerged.  

There are those that will say, "But aren't they just...things?" And I would adamantly and vehemently say, "But of course not!" Granted, if my home burnt to the ground someday and all was lost, I would go on living quite happily. This is not about need, wealth, obsession, or acquisition. It is my calling - to create connections where there were none, to root out meaning, to hunt down long-forgotten treasure in order to ground a story.

What is creativity without exploration? What is life without a story? What is a story without connection?

I look forward to spending more time exploring and building connections this year.