Prop Recipe No. 1 : BOTANICAL

Earlier this week, I introduced a new series on the blog - Prop Recipes! I posted my inspiration board for a BOTANICAL inspired prop recipe, and today, I'm so excited to share the actual recipe itself! 

When I envision any display I'm working on, I usually try to layer in not only natural elements, but eclectic handmade elements wherever possible. I love incorporating sustainable materials, which is why I wanted to start with this first theme: BOTANICAL. For a Botanical theme, I would choose props in organic materials like glass and metals. I picture brass containers with plants, minimal glass bottles with fern fronds playfully spilling out of them, and pale aqua glass or brass cake stands to display food, desserts, or beverages. Think Secret Garden meets Wes Anderson. Natural and earthy, but with a quirky, modern edge.  Are ya with me?