Graphics | invitation suites

When it comes to graphics, I like to use a combination of digital + hand-created elements. To me, it creates a more human and approachable style, and in the end I'm a traditional medium gal. If I can make it, I will. 

Every once in awhile, I get approached to create paperie of some kind. It tickles me pink to be asked to create invitations to a wedding or party, because you always know there is such love and personal intent behind the event. For the above set, the couple was super fun and light-hearted and we wanted to bring that into their invitations. The pieces were made stackable, each smaller than the last, so they could be bound on the left edge and sprinkled with "confetti" on the right edge. The very top piece was a tear-off RSVP postcard that could be dropped in the mail. This entire set was created on the computer, and then transparencies were made in order to screen print each color layer. 

I confess that this next invitation suite was my own. I wanted to explore possibility, and what you can accomplish if you think creatively. There were several other pieces not shown here, but this gives the general idea of the suite. Our wedding details were based on the Tom Waits song "Fish and Bird." All of the black text in the suite was printed digitally. The remaining imagery were individual rubber stamps that were stamped onto each piece. By creating individual stamps of waves/clouds, kelp, whales, and flying birds, we were able to move around the composition to create different scenes. The outermost enclosure was the largest scene, containing the main verses of the song.