Styling | flat lay

The flat lay is an increasingly popular trend, one which I happen to love. As a graphic designer by trade, flat lays feel like designing with objects in space. It is all about the shape and negative space, the combination and connection between the elements to tell a story.


ONE  |  ARTIST: This first one was an exploration in painting and hand-dyeing. I wanted to arrange the tools one would use in making something by hand. I was inspired by sumi-e drawings, brush painting and the Shibori dye process.

TWO  |  JAPAN: This next shot was a loose interpretation of my excitement for planning a trip to Japan. I wanted to include a blending of both the colorful, Kawaii culture and the more traditional earthy palettes found in Japanese aesthetics.

THREE  |  SUMMER: Summer always brings to mind sandy beaches, waves crashing on shore, and collecting shells.