I love working with brands, especially small or up-and-coming brands,
because I love getting to know people and the why behind their business.
Designing and styling for brands is a passion grown out of the blood, sweat and tears
of starting my own business and wanting to assist others on their journey.

Tabletop Styling 

Sharing a table is sacred.
No matter the number seated at the table, a sense of community is felt.
Creating that ambiance is something I treasure.
My styling work began in designing tablescapes and vignettes for events,
and has expanded into a world of rich exploration.
I am blessed to be able to focus my styling work curating props,
creating crafts, or designing as the project allows.  



With a background in the arts, the still life is no stranger.
Color, objects, and composition have the ability to tell a story so truthfully.
They convey happiness, gratitude, sassiness, spirituality, appetite, curiosity, and somberness.
With each new project, I am able to play with color to keep myself on my toes,
explore trends and create new palettes to tell a story from a fresh perspective. 

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Base Rates

No two projects are ever the same. I approach each project thoughtfully, and my pricing reflects that care. All projects are quoted based on your individual needs.

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Who I am:
Collector. List-maker. Dreamer. Arranger of objects. Illustrator. Crafter. Designer. Color-lover. DIY-enthusiast. Eclectic. Treasure-hunter. Interiors addict. Gardener. Lover of botany and life. Spiritual.

Ideas can change the way we exist.

Let's work together!


Prop Styling
Brand Photoshoots
Prop Sourcing

Craft Making
Graphic Design
Product Styling